Thursday, June 14, 2007


On a cold and wet winter's day in Sydney I headed down to the Roslyn OIxley9 Gallery in Paddington to check out the exhibition by Newell Harry, VIEWS FROM THE COUCH. At the top of the stairs a neon statement "The Natives are Restless", and in the main gallery space an installation containing more neon, vessels, large drawings, and woven mats. A sense of technology, language, and raw elements combined. Newell was on hand to talk about his work, and his travel experiences into the townships of South Africa (where his mother is from), as well as remote corners of the pacific. Hence the pidgin text and tribal elements. Cargo Cults make an appearance too. And torrential rainfall. A fascinating discussion. To view the works click the Gallery link.

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Anonymous said...

hey I am here with your mother Gini, and your work is just fab, cheers Treaci